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What We Do At Mid-South Gunslinger

Sell your guns for you:

Mid-South GunSlinger specializes in selling your guns for you.   If you have guns to sell, we will turn them into top dollar folding money in a short period of time. The vast majority of guns we market are consigned. We will offer a client a cash bid if that’s what they desire; however the return is maximized if your guns are sold on consignment.

All firearms are professionally advertised from coast to coast. No hassle for you. Your guns are photographed professionally so they will look as good as they can look. We are a federally licensed firearms dealer. Federal and state laws are strictly followed for all transfers. You do not have to worry about who you are selling a firearm to.

Mid-South GunSlinger does all of the shipping and packing, whether it’s going across the state or across the country.

Gun Sales:

If you are looking for a new gun, odds on us can get it if we do not have it. Our inventory of used guns is broad and changes every day. Whether you are looking for an African rifle, target gun, varmint gun, hunting rifle, handgun, shotgun, Class III or anything else, we want your business.


Mid-South GunSlinger does firearms appraisals.

Receive out of state firearm shipments:

If you are local and want to purchase something outside of Arkansas, we will gladly receive it for you. Most people are in and out in a matter of minutes. We work by appointment. There is no waiting for you. This also ensures your privacy, which is important to us.

Let us know where your new gun is coming from and we will send or transmit a copy of our FFL.

Shipping Service:

We will ship firearms for you. If you have a firearm that you want packed and shipped, we make it easy. Drop it off and tell us where it needs to go. Our service is instant and fees are reasonalbe.

We want the opportunity to work for you. Call us at 501.223.3006 (locally) or toll free at 1.855.308.3006 anytime and we will be more than happy to help you in any way we can. Our telephones are answered 24/7 by a human that speaks English. We are a firearms broker and like to talk guns.